I often face a problem of absence of good applications for searching concerts and exhibitions in other cities. I checked what applications generally exist with similar functions. I found two apps with the opportunity for searching concerts – Bandsintown and Lastfm and Out Of Office for searching different events. But any of them didn't execute all functions necessary to me. Therefore I decided to make a prototype of an app, which gives a possibility to find large concerts, exhibitions, and also theatrical performances in the large cities all over the world.


At first we needed to concentrate and define our target audience and personas and scenarios.

Target audience

Women and men, interested in music, art, theater, various exhibitions, age 16-40, living in big cities or travelling a lot.

User Presona 1

Scenario 1

Kirill drives to Rome in 3 weeks. He would like to visit any interesting musical concerts or festivals. It is necessary for him soon as possible decide what concerts he would like to visit and as soon as possible to buy all the tickets.

User Presona 2

Scenario 2

Nataly flies to London with her husband this week. They like to visit interesting modern art exhibitions. Nataly tried to find something in the internet but, unfortunately, she has no time to click all links. With the help of my App she can choose the city (London) where she is flying, select the section Exhibitions, enter the date she is in London and look and read about all events, she is interested in, for only making few clicks and having spent for this minimum quantity of time. She also has the possibility to buy tickets online and add it to her calendar.


I decided that I will concentrate my attention on the first scenario and started with pen and paper wireframes. I tested my prototype on several friends and recieved their feedback. After the feedback session I provided high-fidality designs and after developed a clickable prototype in Framer Studio. You can watch a video of the prototype.

Friday App from Sonja Saprykina on Vimeo.